Spiritique presents YuGin: tradition and craftsmanship highlighted by a T-Wood by Tapì closure

Spiritique presents YuGin, a French gin with a distinctive flavour rooted in the Japanese tradition, inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy. A doctrine founded on an appreciation for simplicity and imperfect beauty. It is no coincidence that YuGin is a journey through time, revisiting the basic principles of production and that it uses only what is strictly necessary, resolutely discarding anything superfluous.

That is what makes YuGin such a complex distillate, yet at the same time a simple one, made from natural ingredients that reflect the freshness and delicacy of its unique flavour. A gin based on an exclusive blend that combines natural yuzu extracts with Sichuan pepper, coriander and juniper.

A distillate that is at one and the same time both traditional and innovative, preserved in a packaging that expresses the product’s uniqueness, and sealed by a T-Wood closure, so as not to spoil its organoleptic properties, and personalized with a pad-printed logo.

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