St. Urban: an outstanding whisky of singular quality

The art of distilling is brought to life in St. Urban whisky, a unique spirit sealed with a Luna wood closure in silver

St. Urban, established in 2008, is an artisan distillery that was founded on the values of the art of distilling unparalleled quality. Amongst its many products, it has very recently breathed life into a unique whisky – a special edition of superlative quality – created from carefully selected ingredients.

St. Urban does not add any aromas and sugars. For this reason, the owner, who looks after the distillation process himself, is justifiably proud of the pure, intense nature of his creations. A prestigious whisky that stands out due to its rich aroma and harmony of the elements used during the ageing process. A process that merits exceptional packaging sealed with an exquisite closure such as our Luna wood in silver.

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St. Urban
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