Tapì T-Wood for Vodka Nadé: a rare, prestigious, exclusive spirit

Vodka Nadé was created to stand out from the other products on the market, reflecting the excellence of French know-how. This varied and multifaceted product can be tasted neat, to bring out the best in fine cuisine, as well as in mixology, in order to create sumptuous cocktails.

A natural spirit, obtained from the fruits of the Bordeaux soils with no additional aromas. All presented in an elegant packaging that enhances the quality of its content – and that packaging includes a Tapì T-Wood closure with laser customization on its top.

Vodka Nadé is made with grapes from the prestigious territory of Bordeaux. This region has been known since the 18th century for the excellence of its vineyards, now famous all over the world.

The special nature of its vines, the richness of its soils and its mild oceanic climate, are a true heritage for the area, which makes it possible to harvest grapes with incredible aromas.

The recherché blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with its strong flavours, of Merlot with its softness, of Cabernet Franc with its finesse and of Sémillon with its nobility, creates a unique brand that goes by the name of Vodka Nadé.

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Vodka Nadé
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