Vodka Alambic Tigre Blanc Paris

A blend of innovation and tradition creating unique products

French brand Tigre Blanc expresses its whole personality in a unique universe: a combination of boldness, modernity, commitment and creativity. In order to maximise the effect of these values, a partnership was begun in 2018 with a global icon in the gastronomic sector: Philippe Conticini.

Sharing a desire to go beyond the boundaries of the usual flavours, for the first time ever in the world, they have undertaken to apply an ancient system – until recently only used in the production of cognac– to the purity of vodka.

After an initial column distillation, Tigre Blanc Alambic Edition is returned for a second run through the classic copper stills of the Charentais.

Exaltation of flavours

The traditional procedure generally used only for making cognac helps to enhance the richness and creaminess of Alambic vodka. That makes it into an excellent distillate to enjoy either neat or as a base for wonderful cocktails using the principle of mixology.

Why Tigre Blanc?

The tiger symbolizes power and determination, two of Tigre Blanc’s best qualities. It is an omnipresent emblem of the brand which gives the bottles a unique and unrepeatable design.

Another feature that makes the brand unique is the partnership with Panthera, an organization created for the preservation and protection of big cats and their natural habitat. Having a close relationship with a Tigre Blanc means helping to protect tigers in the wild.

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