Sipsmith London Dry Gin: a dip into the past to get up close to tradition

What distinguishes Sipsmith is the desire to see London Dry Gin production return to the city where it earned its name, giving it the unique characteristics that have made it famous across the globe.

The fundamental ingredient that gives Sipsmith London Dry Gin its inimitable flavour, are the oils produced by macerating juniper berries, in a secret process that enables the distillate to acquire the right aroma and flavour, in keeping with its reputation based on a centenary tradition.

On the nose, Sipsmith Gin’s bouquet of floral notes is followed by a mellow rounded juniper, and a zesty, citrus freshness. On the palate, the dry taste of juniper leads, then revealing hints of lemon tart and orange marmalade, before these all harmonize, unleashing a unique overall flavour. The finish is dry with spicy juniper and a hint of lemon tart emerging.

A combination of incredible well-defined aromas, offsetting each other perfectly, for a distillate that Sunday Times Style called a “New-school gin (that) will become a classic”. A return to simplicity, also highlighted by the packaging, which features a Tapì SCR Easy closure.

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