Monoblocco, Tapì’s one-piece bar-top closure seals Secreto Peruano

What indeed is Peru’s best-kept Secret? It’s one safely guarded by chef Christian Salvo, owner of award-winning Peruvian restaurant Cevichela. This was where the idea came to him to create an instant sour in a bottle, one made with real lemons and with all its characteristic foaminess.

The Peruvian chef spent three whole months researching and experimenting until finally he achieved the perfect mix, based on an ancestral recipe handed down from one generation to the next. A secret held in every single bottle, enabling Sour Peruano to stand out from other similar products.

Its intense aroma, dense foam and exclusive flavour all help make it a unique product anywhere in the world… a Secret, no less.

The packaging was designed to both disclose and at the same time conceal the secret to this prestigious elite recipe. In order to keep the great Secreto Peruano, they chose Monoblocco, Tapì’s one-piece bar-top closure, a simple and elegant solution that ensures the highest possible confidentiality.

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Secreto Peruano
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