Rum - Les Rhums Du Sud

Made at a renowned distillery on the French Island of Réunion, with the addition of traditional Creole fruits and fresh local spices, Les Rhums Du Sud is a tropical journey around the Indian Ocean, in a unique package.

According to producer Hugo Randazzo – who is half Sicilian and half Réunion by origin – a taste of Les Rhums Du Sud means allowing yourself to be transported off into a tropical world on a voyage of discovery of products and flavours that typify the French overseas islands.

To achieve this, top-quality raw materials and carefully selected local spices are added to La Réunion’s traditional rum, in a journey through the island’s culinary heritage – which also means its traditions, peoples and landscapes. Such delightful experiences need bottles that will reveal the natural spirit of the distillate, here encapsulated by a wooden closure created by Tapì.

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Les Rhums Du Sud
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