La Parcelle 26: a special olive oil sealed by a customized Starlight Mixer pourer

From the enthusiasm for and expertise in growing olive trees comes Parcelle 26, a brand whose mission is to reinvent traditional production processes, maximizing the potential of a quality terroir, to produce an olive oil unlike any other in the world.

Parcelle 26 is located in the heart of Tunisia, in an area that offers all the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. Warm sun and the right exposure to light create an ideal setting for olive trees to prosper in.

The success which the Parcelle 26 team has achieved in olive-oil production is due to their determination to keep up with all the latest techniques for each production stage. The result is a fruity, delicate, fragrant olive oil with a complex yet balanced aromatic profile.

The company was set up by a team of experts, aiming to produce an extra-virgin olive oil with a broad aromatic spectrum and clearly defined sensory characteristics. A strong, unmistakable identity built in part through a meticulous approach to each and every production step: from choosing which trees to harvest – a process carried out strictly by hand – to their scrupulous periodic product quality checks.

Packaging design is equally important for Parcelle 26, which is why a customized Starlight Mixer pourer was chosen to seal the bottle. For us here at Tapì, this is an important working relationship born out of the brand’s desire to offer its consumers a true culinary jewel, starting from its packaging, which reflects its corporate values on the marketplace.

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Parcelle 26
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