Old Brothers: a story of friendship in the creation of an exceptional gin

Tapì SCR Wood closure in black for Old Brothers Gin. A journey through friendship and tradition.

Old Brothers is the story of a friendship between Anthony and Julien, the brand’s founders, that began in 2004. They joined the army and began travelling the world from Kosovo, Lebanon, the Ivory Coast, Macedonia to Afghanistan.

Their passion for spirits, together with their habit for travel, led the two friends to visit distilleries around the world, with the aim of soaking up the best expressions in the art of distillation. This is the story of Old Brothers, the brand officially created in 2017, that celebrates authenticity and tradition in the production of spirits. Every bottle of gin produced by Old Brothers is not only numbered by hand and has a decorative cord carefully placed around its neck by hand, but also has a wax seal representing the travels undertaken by Anthony and Julien over the years. With the hallmark of such unique packaging, it was essential to select a closure that expressed the strength of this brand’s values. This is exactly why the choice had to be an SCR Wood closure in black from the Tapì range.

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Old Brothers
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