Signature Wood Dome for Maison Boinaud’s Armagnac Extra line

Establishing the traditional identity of its prestigious products and innovating in accordance with classic methods are the two cornerstones of what is now the 24th generation at Maison Boinaud, headed up by Rémi and Charles Boinaud.

The thriving distillery, which specializes in Armagnac, lies just outside the French town of Cognac, and is one of the largest family-owned estates. In the 420 hectares of vineyards and inside the distillery, which has no less than 41 different stills, Maison Boinaud performs true magic by selecting the finest ingredients to create a noble, precious and elegant Armagnac.

Each detail of the bottles in the Armagnac Extra range evokes tradition, history, craftsmanship and local pride. A distillate that seeks to celebrate the great terroir which gave it life.

Its closure is a Signature Wood Dome, created by Tapì to express all the elegance typifying the brand.

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Maison Boinaud
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