Muscat de Noël: the award-winning wine at the Trophées des Vignobles d'Occitanie, sealed by Tapì’s Starlight closure

Terrassous’s Muscat de Noël was recently awarded several prizes at the first Trophées des Vignobles d’Occitanie event, held by Terre de Vins at Château de Pennautier in Languedoc.

The aim of the event was to highlight the dynamism of the largest wine-growing region in France (making up 42% of the country’s production), especially with regard to the two grape-growing areas of Languedoc-Roussillon and Sud-Ouest. Wineries were judged on four main criteria, namely territorial dynamics, agri-environmental and social commitment, engagement in wine tourism and, finally, product-related creativity and innovation.

During the evening, Terrassous, with their Muscat de Noël, received the following awards:

• Lauréats Languedoc – CIVL
   – Grand Prix d’Or : Bruno Andreeu (34290 Montblanc)
   – Médaille d’Argent : Domaine Haut-Lirou (34270 Saint-Jean-de-Cucules)

• Lauréats Roussillon – CIVR
   – Grand Prix d’Or : Vignobles Constance et Terrassous (66300 Terrats)
   – Médaille d’Argent : Domaine de l’Architecte (66300 Thuir)

A bright golden wine, with a bouquet of fresh grapes and exotic fruits, in a simple yet elegant packaging, sealed by the Tapì Starlight closure.

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