Mirabeau Rosé Gin, a unique product with exceptional packaging

Tapì T-Wood was chosen as the closure to seal Mirabeau Rosé Gin


Mirabeau Rosé Gin is created using distilled alcohol extracted during the dealcoholisation process for Forever Summer, a low-alcohol wine designed by the same company. A rosé gin that draws inspiration from a wealth of botanicals that grow naturally on the wine grower’s land, which is near Saint Tropez, an area well-known for its tradition in perfume and flavouring production.

Technically, Mirabeau is a classic Dry Gin with the addition of lemon and coriander to add a citrus flavour, along with orris and angelica roots to lend floral, earthy tones.  Small quantities of rose petals, lavender and jasmine have been used to achieve a melange of floral notes. And finally, bay, thyme and rosemary add a fragrant character to the finely balanced blend.

All the various ingredients of Mirabeau Rosé Gin bring a fascinating smoothness to a highly traditional gin. And its notes and tones make it perfect to be enjoyed on its own.

A product that’s traditional and innovative at its heart has exceptional packaging and is sealed with a T-Wood closure from the Tapì brand.

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Mirabeau Rosé Gin
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