Mezan presents its first limited edition cask-matured rum, with a Tapì T-Wood closure to enhance its exclusivity

Famous for its golden sunshine, turquoise waters and swaying palms, the Caribbean is home to one of the world’s most ancient and best-loved spirits – rum! For centuries, rum production has flourished in various Caribbean countries and islands, with a rich variety of aromas and styles building up that distinguish each locality and distillery.

Mezan selects the best rums in the area, through their indefatigable Cellar Master, aiming to capture the depth and diversity of each island, offering rum-lovers a taste of the purest and most authentic flavours.

The new Mezan cuvée

Jamaica Long Pond 2000 is Mezan’s new limited edition rum, produced in Trelawny, by the historic Long Pond distillery.

Single Cask 2000 owes its uniqueness to the maturation process: the rum is aged in the cask in order to give it a natural degree of ageing and to bring out the unique aromas of each individual barrel.

After maturation, which lasts 18 years, the rum produced is a combination of fragrances in which the highly distinctive aromas of Jamaican stills stand out. The nose reveals an intense aroma of very ripe bananas on sweet caramel and vanilla notes, backed up by a woody, spicy feel. This is undoubtedly a special, exclusive rum, as only three barrels have so far been produced.

Like all of Mezan’s rums, Jamaica Long Pond 2000 is also unsweetened and contains no artificial colour: the nuances and sweetness of the final product are given to it naturally over the course of the ageing process.

Each bottle of Single Cask is numbered progressively and packaged in a wooden box that, together with its Tapì T-Wood closure, enhances its exclusivity and elegance.

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