Mezan: a rum with a strong character straight from the Caribbean

Its lustrous, brilliant, pale amber hue is followed by an intense flow of aromas on the nose. We’re talking about Mezan Panama Rum, a very strong distillate with buttery notes and a scent of dried apricots.

Plush and velvet-smooth to the taste, much less alcoholic than its bouquet might indicate, with strong hints of tropical fruit jams and subtler ones of caramelized sugar.

Every single label produced by Mezan is meticulously selected to ensure that all the nuances of the Caribbean are captured and bottled, taking the drinker on a tasting journey through the special flavours that the products have to offer.

“The Untouched Rum” is more than just a simple slogan: all Mezans have been following the same rules for years. No added sugar, no artificial colourings and only a slight filtering help retain the aromas and flavours we have grown to know and love. The closure also helps to preserve its bouquet, with a T-Wood closure being chosen for the packaging of Mezan Panama Rum.

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