ARS Spirit presents Madame Vodka – spectacular packaging sealed by a closure from the Tapì Speakeasy range

ARS Spirit presents Madame Vodka, a new quality of distillate being made along the banks of France’s Charente river.

Given its unusual provenance, this French vodka would at first sight seem to be a departure from the age-old Russian and Polish tradition but, in reality, it shares the clear, decisive personality and flavour we associate with Easterm European vodkas. Its organic quinoa extract is an unusual touch, adding extra character, underlining the values that lie behind ARS Spirit’s production.

Madame Vodka also presents herself as a lady of spirit who knows what she’s doing and manages to persuade the drinkers she was designed for, thanks to her equally uncompromising, confident packaging, not to mention the tantalising curves of her Mixologist bottle by Saverglass, as well as the elegance and simplicity with which colours and graphic elements are interwoven.

A no-nonsense resolute flavour and an attractive personality presented with the right dose of charm need a closure that is not overtly showy. They regarded the ideal way to finish off the job would be with an unfinished wood closure from the Speakeasy range, capable of fully enhancing both product and brand.

Madame Vodka is thus ready to make her debut in society where she will be enchanting the boys with all her French charm, distilled and produced by ARS Spirit.

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