When simplicity meets elegance: Tapì T-Disc for Leblon Cachaça

Cachaça is one of Brazil’s finest national symbols and is the third most-consumed spirit on Earth. In the desire to produce a Cachaça Premium, Maison Leblon contacted a famous French master distiller, who specializes mainly in distilling cognac. And that was how an art form developed in France’s finest distilleries landed up in Brazil.

Stems of sugar cane processed as if they were grapes, three distillation processes and at least six months’ ageing in cognac barrels give Leblon Cachaça its exclusive sweetness.

The current packaging is the result of a redevelopment and repositioning process aimed at the American market, the main one for premium spirits. That is where Leblon decided to launch their Super Premium Cachaça, but to do so they needed a new design that would express the history of the brand.

A bottle that is elegant and unique, inspired by modernity and sealed with a Tapì designer T-Disc, a bartop closure with a leg and head made out of a synthetic material, designed to preserve its unique content. This ensures a visual impact that is harmonious and refined, expressing all the character of Leblon Cachaça’s homeland.

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