Lachanenche: a trait d’union between the flavours of the Alps and of Haute Provence

In the heart of the Southern Alps, in Haute Provence, the Lachanenche craft distillery makes aperitifs, liqueurs, génépis, eaux-de-vie and brandied fruit.

Founded by Nicole and Daniel Million Rousseau, Lachanenche produces organic spirits made with the utmost respect for the environment, works of art that are a perfect blend of Alpine and of Haute Provence character. A beautiful land bathed in sunshine, enjoying the purest mountain air, and offering a variety of unique, rich flavours.

Lachanenche uses a certified organic production system (FR-BIO 10), with 100% natural products, without additives, extracts or concentrates. An ethical and sustainable choice underlined by the closure they have chosen for their spirits: Tapì T-Wood, a bar-top closure with a wooden head, reflecting the brand’s close connection with nature.

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