Karukera Rhum Agricole Fût 65: the quintessential spirit of Guadeloupe

A fine, dark amber distillate with a rare fullness, Karukera Rhum Agricole Fût 65 was created at Guadeloupe’s oldest distillery. With its intense nose and persistent spicy, fruity, sweet notes, on the palate it is aromatically rich and enfolding.

François Longueteau’s Karukera distillery is located in Basse-Terre, where sugar cane was first introduced by the Spanish in the 15th century. During the 1600s, under French rule, Guadeloupe saw strong growth in the sugar cane trade, which was matched by an increase in the local production of rum.

François Longueteau’s home is surrounded by the Domaine de Marquisat de Sainte-Marie, entirely planted with just two varieties of sugar cane – canne bleue and R 579. And the blue variety is the one used to make Karukera rum, still distilled in a traditional craft manner.

The quintessence of a country shaped by the sea and by the tropical climate of the French Antilles, Karukera Fût 65 reveals an unparalleled character, which explains why it is renowned for its quality at a local and global level.

The packaging underlines the truly unique nature of the product, a little work of art that brings the values of tradition and craftsmanship to the fore.

Here at Tapì we designed a Signature Wood closure for Karukera Rhum Vieux Agricole Fût 65, a reminder both of the brand’s attachment to its core principles and of the heady aromas and fragrances to be found inside.

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