Familia Marí Mayans chooses a Ghost by Tapì closure for their IBZ 48 Premium Dry Gin

Famed Ibizan distillers Familia Marí Mayans have been concocting quality liqueurs and spirits for over 130 years, recently launching Spain’s first gin with an alcohol content of 48 ABV.

The method used for making IBZ 48 Premium Dry Gin is perfectly traditional, with double distillation in copper stills, using local aromatic essences from the island, such as juniper berries, orange and lemon and Ibiza thyme flowers. It is a 100% Ibizan premium Gin.

An outstanding achievement, the result of much testing using knowledge handed down from one generation to the next, with its origins in ancient craft-based techniques, in an unmistakable guarantee of tradition and quality.

The product’s uniqueness and attachment to its origins are fully expressed by its packaging, featuring a simple bottle, with a designer label capturing the essence of the terroir, with a Ghost by Tapì closure to seal and enhance the invaluable content.

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Familia Marí Mayans

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