Huile d’Olive Château l’Insouciance: new packaging topped by a W-Mix closure by Tapì

On the Left Bank of the Garonne, north of Pauillac, lies Saint-Estèphe, the northernmost AOC denomination in the Médoc sub-region. A terroir that produces not only elegant wines unlike any others in the world, but also legendary olive oils with exceptional nutritional virtues.

These include Huile d’Olive Château l’Insouciance, produced by the château of the same name, with its wealth of cultural, historical and environmental values, its inimitable identity and its distinctive sensory properties that place it firmly within its sub-zone of origin.

An olive oil that holds within it a blend of simplicity and complexity, tradition and innovation.  Contrasting qualities giving a clear picture of the sensory experience that tasting this olive oil can provide.

The knowledge, professionalism, tradition and passion rooted in Huile d’Olive Château l’Insouciance are faithfully reflected in its packaging, created by Studio 79.82, who set out to express the unique characteristics of this delicious little masterpiece through careful branding and label design. The closure they chose for the packaging is the W-Mix pourer cap, the Tapì solution that is a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal with functionality.

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Château l’Insouciance
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