Mekano by Revò: the closure chosen by Fóti for Fruit Garden

A drink that will amaze the taste buds, Fruit Garden is a delicious beer flavoured with flowers and fruits.

Made by Fóti, one of Hungary’s leading breweries, it is an unbelievable journey through nature that starts with its packaging. An old-fashioned look, underpinned by the label and by the Mekano by Revò closure, which gives the bottle its vintage, yet modern appearance.

Fruit Garden is a 100% craft beer made with just the few select ingredients permitted by the German Beer Purity Law, which was adopted back in 1516.

In line with its craft philosophy, Fóti decided to match their special beer with a custom Mekano closure, which combines practicality of use and top performance with attention to aesthetic detail.

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