Emill Whisky: attention to detail with Signature Wood Inspiration - Luna

Produced in Germany, Emill Whisky is one of the Scheibel Mühle distillery’s flagship products. It concentrates within the bottle all the passion, aesthetics and taste, and attention to detail that are of such importance to manufacturers.

The colours of Emill Whisky are unmistakable, ranging from dark brown to deep red, reminiscent of the hues and veins found in precious mahogany wood. The aromas that emerge as you pour it into a whisky glass are themselves reminiscent of the fragrances of the German countryside, while on the palate it takes on the tones and rhythms of a sensorial experience capable of winning over and embracing our senses of smell, taste and sight.

An experience that is also reflected in the packaging. Just one look is enough to understand just how important it is to Scheibel Mühle that every aspect of Emill Whisky, whether that is its aesthetics or its substance, be more than perfect and thus unforgettable.

Its quality content, refined packaging and promise of an unforgettable sensory experience have made the Luna closure from Tapi’s Signature Wood Inspiration range the only possible choice for a perfect seal. The perfect way to keep Emill Whiskey so as to enjoy it in all its untold glory.

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