Gassl Bräu chooses Mekano to top off its excellent brews

The Mekano closure by Tapì Revò does the job for one of the South Tyrol’s finest craft brewers

The lovely little town of Chiusa goes back centuries, and it’s no coincidence that for many years it was a vital stop-off for all who ventured up to the Brenner Pass. The hostelries here have a long tradition, as does the town brewery, Gassl Bräu.

It all began as an inn called Gallele, which opened in the 19th century and closed in the late ’80s when Norbert Andergassen decided to renovate the premises to create a small brewhouse in the tool shed. Before starting production, Andergassen visited several pubs and biergartens in Germany to glean useful know-how and gather ideas.

locals and tourists alike. It sells only draft beers on the premises, but each one is also available in a bottled version to spread its reach further afield.

They come in many styles. Gassl Bräu makes Hell, Dunkel, Weizen, Pale Ale and two special aromatic beers – one with basil, the other with chestnuts. In each bottle, you can taste the history of Chiusa and the Andergassens, in a delicious blend of tradition and innovation. That’s why the bottle closure simply had to be Mekano by Tapì Revò – for a modern take on the classic mechanical stopper and an added dash of colour in the brand story.

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