Bandoler: The tale of a Catalan smuggler

Legend has it that, at the tail-end of the period of great trans-Pyrenean banditry, anyone who challenged the authority of the Viceroy of Spain would be tortured and condemned to death. To escape this fate, Catalan bandoleros had no other choice but to go into exile.

Having left his mountain hideout to become a cowboy on a modest Tennessee ranch, one such smuggler felt homesick for the native flavours of north-eastern Spain and tried to work out how to get his beloved Rivesaltes Ambré into his new homeland. For months, he worked on a plan of how to get it across the US border and one tumultuous night he managed to bring in many litres of this intense golden wine in Tennessee Whiskey barrels.

Bandoler, born from a blend of the finest aromas


Bandoler is first and foremost a Rivesaltes Ambré, a natural sweet wine that preserves the sweet fruity flavour of the grapes, caused by arrested fermentation.

This special wine was first made in Roussillon, at Domaine de la Perdrix, a winery which has a history going back over 200 years. Two years of research in order to develop and refine the technique led to the production of Bandoler: a bold move indeed, to launch such a unique product on the market, created with a totally innovative approach.

What is so special about Bandoler?

Bandoler is an Amber Rivesaltes, making it a natural sweet wine, with the characteristic of being cask-aged. Indeed, it is aged in Tennessee Whiskey barrels, which infuse it with a distinctive bouquet that remains unrivalled.

Its fame is thus based both on its unique production methods and on its subtle fragrances and flavours. Bandoler is outstanding both as an aperitif and as a digestif, and even as a dessert wine, thanks to its sweet yet powerful notes.

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