Cantarelle Gin chooses Tapì to seal a special new product

A natural-wood SCR laser-customised on the side makes the ideal cap for the Cantarelle Gin de Provence Exclusive Amphora Aged Special Edition


Domaine de Cantarelle lies in the heart of Provence, where the capricious Mistral wind is key to the character of the products. The Cap Wine International group has begun producing wines and spirits here that tell the story of the terroir in style.

The small Domaine de Cantarelle distillery has created a full, flavoursome gin made with Provençal grapes, all locally distilled. It’s an authentic gin with 100% natural flavours and luscious overtones of grapefruit, coriander, lime flowers and bitter orange peel. This unique creation with its eye-catching original pink packaging is called Cantarelle Gin de Provence.

And they have just brought out another brand-new variety. Cantarelle Gin de Provence Exclusive Amphora Aged starts life the same way as the Gin de Provence. What sets it apart, though, is the way it is finished in terracotta and clay amphorae specially made by an Italian craftsman.

This aging process lasts at least 6 months, lending the gin a smooth texture and a stunning aromatic complexity.

An elixir of this quality deserves the right vessel to jealously guard it. And indeed, the bottle is silkscreen printed in real gold and sealed with a magnificent Tapì wooden cap: a natural-wood SCR with laser decoration on the side. The packaging is completed with an impressive and beautifully decorated metal box.

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