A child of the revolution, Boukman Botanical Rhum underlines the need for freedom

There is far more to Boukman Botanical Rhum than meets the eye. Indeed, behind its elegant packaging lies a distillate with a rebellious past that made history.

According to some accounts, in 1791, Dutty Boukman made a promise during a secret ceremony at Bois Caïman to free Haïti and its slaves. His word was sealed with rum, and from then on a bloody revolution broke out that was to liberate Haïti from French control.

This unique distillate is inspired by Boukman, its design elements underlining the historical event that inspired it.

The bottle, for example, uses a traditional typeface, the closure is a special project designed to enhance the rum’s aroma, while on the label is a phrase that Boukman himself would have been proud of: listen to the voice of freedom that rises in our hearts.

Since its inception, Boukman Botanical Rhum has been working in close partnership with Haïti Futur, a non-profit organization which aims to help the country live in dignity and fairness, especially in communities where sugar cane is grown and harvested.

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