Armagnac XL: a spectacular distillate sealed by a T-Wood by Tapì

This Armagnac XL from Domaine Uby has a well-layered, refined flavour.

Infused with a harmonious blend of rich fragrances and colours, according to an ancient tradition from Gascony, the county from which it takes its name, after two decades they are ready to be bottled.

This 20-year-old Armagnac XL from Domaine Uby is deep amber in colour with copper highlights, the typical hues of the French countryside during autumn.

Its distinctive sweetness and elegance make this Armagnac the ideal accompaniment for the start of a smooth and pleasant conversation. Savoured with a black coffee or a cigar, this is the best way to enjoy a moment of meditation and relaxation, after a sumptuous and perhaps even abundant dinner.

Usually poured into a stemmed goblet, Armagnac XL is a distillate that presages its ancient French origins with an attractive and unmistakable aromatic fragrance of prune, currants and toasted almonds in a succession of perfect balance and harmony.

On the palate, flavours of walnut and beeswax combine sumptuously with vanilla and chocolate. Domain Uby’s Armagnac XL is a sustained revisitation of French history, traditions and spirits. Its T-wood closure, with ebony finish, enhances the fine aromas of the Armagnac, in a charmingly pleasant conversation.

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