Adriatico: a latest-generation amaretto liqueur made in Puglia

Adriatico is a modern interpretation of the classic amaretto liqueur. Modernity and tradition go hand in hand, starting with the packaging, with its T-wood closure designed by Tapì. Almonds are first hand-picked and then roasted over a slow flame, in the enchanting setting of Italy’s Puglia region. A new cool wind is blowing into amaretto liqueur, thanks to Jean-Robert Bellanger, founder of the Adriatico brand. All the credit goes to my mother, who is of Italian origin. She introduced me to this liqueur as she was making my favourite dessert – tiramisu with two drops of amaretto. The words of the founder of this outstanding project which takes a new look at the classic liqueur we all know and love, a fine Italian product at its best in the more elaborate aperitifs and cocktails. A unique liqueur, created only with the finest quality products, starring the world-renowned Apulian almond. On top of this special ingredient are notes of vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and a pinch of coffee, combining to give Adriatico its unique personality. Other characteristic features are the use of much smaller amounts of cane sugar than in classic amaretto, and a pinch of salt from the Margherita di Savoia saltflats, the end result evoking the fragrances of the seashores. The blue waters of the Adriatico Sea, lit by the warm golden rays of the sun, are faithfully reproduced in the colours on the label. Trulli, emblems par excellence of Apulia, are brought to life in the logo; while the shape of the bottle is inspired by alchemy and by the mysterious medieval architecture of Castel del Monte. Finally, the closure acts as a meeting point between past and future. To seal this special liqueur, the producers plumped for a T-wood painted white with a golden hot stamp of the logo, a simple, elegant closure that fully represents the values of Adriatico.
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