Starcap by Tapì

tapigroup 20 Februar 2018 0

From traditional pourers to innovative non-refillable and anti-tampering systems: various closure solutions developed by Tapì for oil mills and the olive-oil sector as a whole.

Indeed, every producer knows that safe packaging is essential to preserve the oil’s organoleptic profile and excellent nutritional properties. But Tapì went further, combining conservative technology with a sense of aesthetics, by designing highly personalized closures together with our customers, given the vast assortment of materials and finishes to choose from.

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Purity by Tapì Wine

tapigroup 10 Februar 2018 0

Tapì’s painstaking research in the field of innovative closure systems for the wine and spirits sectors has come up with Purity, a T-shaped closure with over-injection moulded transparent head and leg, without the use of glue.

The design makes it look like a single piece, with essential modern lines, captivatingly shiny with its play of transparencies and custom colours.

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